Updates on Knitting Challenge

So I’ve put my fingers through hell and I’m currently marathoning Arrow while knitting, cos they’re uh both pointy objects? Honestly I’m watching it cos I think Felicity is super cute around Oliver, and her inappropriate remarks crack me up. I’m currently on Season Two for the second time (I first watched it a couple months ago).

I managed to almost get one sleeve done when I read the instructions and to my horror I’d only added one stitch every four rows instead of two. Which means my shape of the sleeve is currently all wrong. Also after half watching a video about gauge I’m convinced my idea was wrong and thus I’d need to stock up on more yarn if I were to continue with the project (mine is too thin and my needles are too small- I sized up the number of stitches according to the gauge swatch I got)

If anyone knows if my method makes sense, do let me know. Anyway so I’m still gonna knit a sweater but I’ve chosen a slightly easier design and I’m on row 20 now for the back. My worry is I won’t be able to fit into it, but I realise I can just add a panel at the side if necessary. I will also measure it and make it a little longer because I prefer it that way.

I will try the other pattern again once I’ve finished this sweater.