Well, I failed. #KnittingChallenge

As you can tell by the title, I failed in knitting a sweater. Knitting the back part was challenging but it was going pretty well, until I reached the part where I was supposed to add in new yarn. I did that and then belatedly realised that I was also supposed to decrease the row by two, and so I ripped out the stitches. That’s when things got bad.

Ripping out the stitches revealed loads of ladders and extra loops that I had no idea how to fix, and I kept ripping more and more rows and trying to put them back on the needle and then discovering more problems. In the end at about 1 am last night, I finished casting off the stitches and calling it a day.

I’m not going to rip apart the yarn either. Although it was a failure I did learn and got to practice quite a few skills like getting faster at knitting and purling, increasing and decreasing rows, binding off (although this probably needs work for the other end) at each side, and creating a ribbed pattern. I might keep it as a souvenir of that hard work.