No Shopping Challenge.

To start 2020, I’ve decided to restrict my shopping habits, in order to save money, mainly, and also because we’ve been accumulating way too much stuff. After our trip to Japan last year, we spent quite a bit on it, and with the IVF treatments slated to start this year, I knew I had to curb some area of spending.

As such, the rules are as follows:

  1. No shopping for myself, so no new clothes, shoes etc., unless one gets worn out and can’t be repaired. Another exception is if I do get pregnant and need new clothes as the old ones no longer fit.

My Experience so far

Sounds simple enough, but right after I implemented this ban – which ought to last a year – I immediately started needing things. It sure didn’t help that I was writing about pregnancy and nursery essentials, and I kept adding to a list of stuff to buy. These include somewhat practical stuff like a tap water filter, new bedsheets and more home organisers, as well as super cute maternity dresses that I don’t really have any need for.

Helping me along on this challenge is the fact we didn’t celebrate Chinese New Year this year, as my grandma-in-law recently passed away in December. Although I was fully prepared to wear a red sweater dress I’d recently purchased, it was a relief not to have to be pressured into buying more clothes just for the occasion.

I’ve also cut down on a lot of spending in recent years as I tried to live more sustainably, so this in effect wasn’t a dramatic change. However, before we went to Japan, I realised quite quickly that I could actually reason myself into getting more items than I needed just to keep up with the Joneses – or rather, my family members like my sister and sister-in-law. Hence, this shopping ban would prevent me from doing just that.

What I’ve Purchased

So we’re two months into the challenge, and the first thing I’ve bought for myself is a book on TCM and how it can boost my fertility. My current update on that: blocked tubes, need IVF, can’t have IVF right now because of COVID-19. We’ve been going to this TCM guy in Clementi since January and he’s been helping to try and unblock my tubes with loads of bitter tasting medicine. My husband is also going, and his main problem right now is that he’s too heaty.

Along with this journey, I thought I’d read up more about this traditional way of treating the body. I did find this book online on Libby (not sponsored), but I thought having a physical copy would be useful as well. I got mine on Carousell. I’m still considering getting another TCM book, which I currently have the audiobook for on Libby, but that’s expiring really soon, and I find I can’t really absorb this information audibly. I think I need the book to markup all the pages etc.

Another item was actually a gift for my friend who wants to learn pottery, so it was a class both of us took, and we’re getting the glazed version of what we made. I’m gonna say I didn’t technically break the challenge since I bought an experience gift?

Will continue to document my experience here, and see how I go this year.