God's Hand in My Life.

Feel free to skip if you’re not religious, but I’d like to share this with some people who might find it glorifying or encouraging.

I am a Bible-Presbyterian Christian. What this essentially means is I’m super super super conservative and fundamental in my beliefs. Hence, some of the things that I/we do as a church can be seen as too extreme/too old fashioned.

Due to my medical diagnosis, I haven’t been able to conceive a child naturally, despite going for TCM to try and cure it. So when we started IVF, I was very concerned about killing potential embryos. As the clinic doesn’t allow me to store my eggs, each egg will be fertilised and the not-so-good ones disposed of. I reconciled this by believing that these day 1- day 3 embryos would not be fully formed yet. Fast forward to today, when I realised that not all of my nine follicles will likely make it, hence I’d have less fully formed embryos to make such a decision.

Between all the gynae appointments this week, I’ve not really had time to work on my articles, and when I do, I usually find myself being very tired, thanks Gonal-F. So, one perk of Covid-19 is that the client is postponing her event this weekend, and so I can take a little more time to relax, rest and get the articles out. Which truly is a blessing at this point.